The Latin Builders Association Committes

Throughout its 46-year history, Latin Builder’s Association has been vigorously involved in local, state, and federal issues that have an effect on our community

Membership Committee

Chair: Nelson Lopez

The foundation of the Association is, of course, our members! This committee focuses on member engagement, benefits and retainment, as well as outreach to new prospective members and former members. The members of this committee are driven by maximizing member value and are tasked by ensuring all members have the support they need to have to have the best membership experience possible. The committee actively works with the Association’s President, staff and Board to develop and implement ideas aimed at establishing and strengthening business involvement, networking and opportunity sharing within the LBA. They also oversee all rules of governance as detailed on the LBA’s by-laws.

Signature Events Committee

Chair: Edward Portas

The LBA prides itself in creating and hosting some of the most successful and exciting events within South Florida’s building and business communities. The events committee serves as the lead agent in organizing and promoting these events for LBA members and their guests. Beyond our monthly luncheons, with each featuring a community leader as keynote speakers, the Events Committee plans, coordinates and executes our larger signature events which include our annual Fishing Challenge, Golf tournament, Awards Ceremony and Business Expo.

Communications Committee

Chair: Ralph Jimenez

The main responsibilities of this committee include updating and maintaining the integrity of the association’s brand through digital mediums. The committee is also dedicated to sharing the success, aims and interests of LBA members across all media and is responsible for the LBA’s signature publication PROYECTO. Committee members represent a cross section of our represented industries and contribute to our blog and association publications.

Finance Committee

Chair: Percy Avetrani

The Finance Committee is responsible for overseeing the organization’s accounting policies and internal financial controls. It also works with the Board of Directors to make the board aware of financial status and risks facing the Association.

Women of the LBA & Philanthropy Committee:

Chair: Taryn Mazone, Chair & Michelle Pradere, Co-Chair

The Women of the LBA committee focuses on creating an inviting atmosphere for professional women members of our Association. This committee brings the women members of the LBA together to exchange ideas, business goals and ambitions to help their respective businesses thrive and most importantly promote the LBA throughout the community

Governance Committee:

Chair: Neal Sklar

The primary role of the Governance Committee is to modernize the LBA By-Laws.

Legislative Committee:

Chair:  Pedro Portela

The Legislative Committee aims to build on the success of 2022 to advance several of our local advocacy initiatives, including: Permitting Efficiency and Procurement Process.

Federal Infrastructure Legislation Taskforce:

Chair: Agustin Barrera

This Taskforce Committee will focus on the effects of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Legislation (BIL), passed by the Federal Government in early 2022, will have on the South Florida civil construction space.