The Latin Builders Association Committees

Throughout its 46-year history, Latin Builder’s Association has been vigorously involved in local, state and federal issues that have an effect on our community.

Technology/Communications/Educational Series Committee

Committee’s Chairperson: Ralph Jimenez

Committee’s Co-Chairperson: Ilanit Sisso Fischler & Andre Rodriguez

  • The main responsibilities of this committee include updating and maintaining the integrity of the association’s brand through digital mediums.
  • Staying up to date with technological trends is just one aspect of this committee, particularly with social media efforts.
  • The redesigning of this website is the main endeavor of the 2015-2016 Technology/Communications committee.
  • The committee is also dedicated to sharing the success, aims and interests of LBA members across all media.
  • Committee members represent a cross section of our represented industries and contribute to our blog and association publications.


Events Committee

Committee’s Chairperson: Yamileth “Yami” Pereyra

Committee’s Co Chairperson: The LBA Executive Board

Committee’s Chairperson for the Fishing Challenge: Dax Bello

Committee’s Chairperson for the Golf Tournament: TBD

Committee’s Chairperson for the Awards Ceremony:Fernando Gomez


  • The events committee is devoted to organizing and promoting new and exciting events for LBA members.
  • They are particularly involved in the planning and execution of our annual Fishing Challenge, Golf tournament, and Awards Ceremony.




LBA Academy/Philanthropy Committee

Committee’s Chairperson: Michelle Pradere

Committee’s Co Chairperson: Merciemarie Baumstark

  • The LBA Children and Families Foundation focuses on providing charitable gifts to those most in need.
  • This committee is responsible for fundraising, and appropriating those funds to the projects they feel best reflect the values of the association as a whole.
  • Community partnerships have always been of upmost priority to our membership, and this committee ensures that our philanthropic commitments remain strong.



Advocacy Committee

Committee’s Chairperson: Melissa Tapanes Llahues

Committee’s Co Chairperson: Javier Avino

  • The Legislative committee ensures our members always have access to the most important news and issues facing our industries as it happens.
  • This committee actively advocates or opposes legislation that could potentially hurt business owners, or the industry as a whole.
  • These discussions prompt many grassroots movements inside the association, and galvanize the members to take action on key legislation.


Membership Committee

Committee’s Chairperson: Nelson Lopez

Committee’s Co Chairperson: Hector Aguililla & Rafael Cabrera

  • The foundation of the association is, of course, our members!
  • This committee focuses on member engagement and benefits.
  • Establishing and strengthening business involvement in the LBA is a top priority. They also oversee all rules of governance.

Membership Subcommittee: Women of the LBA

Committee’s Chairperson: Katherine Amador

Committee’s Co Chairperson: Monica Lopez

  • The Women of the LBA committee is in charge of three cocktail events in 2016. Including opportunities for women members to network.
  • This committee brings women together in order to exchange ideas, business goals and ambitions to help their business and most importantly to promote the LBA as much as possible.

Membership Subcommittee: Young Leaders of the LBA

Committee’s Chairperson: Ralph Cabrera

Committee’s Co Chairperson: The Junior Director Board

  • This committee actively targets the young folks in our Association in order to guide them with their own knowledge learned with the years they have been involved personally with the LBA.


Finance Committee

Committee’s Chairperson: Marisol Torres-Gomez

Committee’s Co Chairperson: Ana Chaoui

  • In charge of overseeing the financial stability and collections process of Latin Builders Association.