Latin Builders Association’s New Direction

01 Sep Latin Builders Association’s New Direction

Born in Tampa and raised in the Magic City , Alex Lastra will be taking a new role at the Latin Builders Association. The LBA has served the South Florida community for over four decades. From serving the construction industry to providing networking opportunities for Miami-Dade County businesses, they have named Lasta, president-elect. Lastra’s strong background in development will influence and promote the LBA and the building industry at large. Lastra is the founder partner and Senior Director of Atlantic Pacific Development. He manages all real estate development, design, and construction activities and supervising all activities relating to project development.

Lasta comes from a Cuban-American family, where his father and uncle were involved in the development and construction industry throughout his life. “It’s in my blood,” Lastra says. Like other South Florida locals, Lastra loves to fish and spend time down in the Florida Keys and the Bahamas. He attended Florida International University and received a Bachelor’s degree in Finance with honors.

With the construction industry and real estate growing rapidly over the years, his advice for young people starting off in the industry is to get much schooling as possible and learn from their career mentors.

 Alex’s Goal

Lastra has a new vision set for the organization for the next couple of years. His goal is to better jobs for the LBA’s member companies and facilitate ways in which will further their success. . Today, the Latin Builders Association is sponsored with job creation in Miami Dade County. The LBA is by far considered and relied upon when there is a question as to job creation. And what is Lastra’s biggest accomplishment so far? He says, “I don’t consider that my biggest accomplishment is in my past.  My biggest impact will be ahead of me.”

Alex Lastra says he is very humbled to be the President-Elect of the Latin Builders Association and looks forward to leading the organization over the up coming years. The Latin Builders Association Board of Directors will name Alex Lastra President on October 13th, 2015.