Letter From President Alex Lastra

Dear Members:


I am honored and humbled to be the President of the Latin Builders Association. The Latin Builders have had a storied history in our community for well over 4 decades. I look forward to leading our organization over the coming years. I do not take my leadership role lightly. I am committed to doing all I can to promote the LBA, and the Building Industry at large.


I’d like to take a moment to share my vision for the LBA over the next several years. The LBA was originally founded on the concept that our 1st generation Cuban American parents believed, that there prospects for success were raised exponentially when they provided a united front, rather than individually. They understood that a unified voice provided their best opportunity to be successful in our industry and to create jobs. To that my ultimate goal is to better jobs for our member companies and facilitate ways on which to further their success. Today, the Latin Builders Association is sponsored with job creation in Miami Dade County. The LBA is by far considered and relied upon when there is a question as to job creation.


Beyond our industry advocacy, educational and networking opportunities, and political involvement in our Association is at will continue to be a stalwart in our community when it comes to job creators.


I invite you all to become a Latin Builder Association member, or if you are already a member I look forward to seeing your involvement within our organization. I am certain you will see results.


I look forward to seeing you in our upcoming LBA event, soon.


Un Fuerte Abrazo.


Alex Lastra